17th Annual Turbo Turtle Race

Race Starts July 1st, 2021 at 7:00pm

START DATE: 05-21-2021 | END DATE: 07-01-2021

Bartlett Parks Foundation's 17th Annual Turtle Race

Annual Turbo Turtle Race Fundraiser
Adopt a Turtle to compete in our Turbo Turtle Race and cheer them on to a quick finish and chance to win prizes. Turtles enter the water at the top of the Bartlett Aquatic Center tube slide making their way through the lazy river to a single lane channeled finish line. Turtles are pulled out one by one, in order, at the finish line. Each turtle has a number on the bottom that corresponds with the numbered ticket. Winners are announced at the end of the race. The 1st and 2nd place receive a cash prize with additional prizes for many more turtle finishers including gift cards, memberships, passes, and more.

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  • Adopt a Turbo Pack

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About The Bartlett Parks Foundation

The Bartlett Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization created to help support the mission of the Bartlett Park District for items that are not usually financed by tax dollars. The foundation has donated to the Bartlett Park District Financial Aid Scholarship program, purchased a variety of art pieces displayed in the Community Center, installed bronze statues in a variety of Bartlett parks and facilities, supported events like Earth Day, and partnered with the Park District to provide family fun events. The Bartlett Parks Foundation’s most recent project is the newly opened “Free to Be Me” Inclusive Playground at Bartlett Park. Proceeds from this fundraiser will help support additional projects at the Inclusive Playground.


any questions please contact:

Bartlett Parks Foundation


696 W Stearns Road, Bartlett, IL, 60103

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